Paul Dixon

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"Making Voice Work Easy!"

Punctual, Exciting, Precise, Confident, Professional, Caring, Natural, Funny, Witty, Epic, Goofy, Cool, Hip Warm, Fun, Energetic, Kind, Welcoming, Quirky, Bold, Positive, and Upbeat. I have been described many times as performing naturally and have always tried to portray whatever character I play as genuine as possible. I have a large range from Fun and energetic, to professional and direct.
My goal is to make your projects stand out from the rest!


I've studied under Melissa Moats, Dustin Ebaugh, Jack de Golia, and John Mclain at the Voice Actor's Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada.


I have a background in animation and film, and I have done on camera and theater work as well. I have IMDB credits for film acting and have even created my own short films which have won various awards.


Post-Production, Puppeteering, Stop-Motion, Singing, Screenwriting.