Patrick Gallagher

Patrick Gallagher

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"Youthful, exuberant, enthusiastic, expressive, joyful, smart"

You need a youthful sound full of enthusiasm?
That's Patrick Gallagher.
You need someone who sounds fresh, smart, and approachable?
You bet that's Patrick Gallagher.
You need someone with decades of acting and writing experience, WITH an MBA?
Oh you better not doubt that's Patrick Gallagher.


Bruce Kronenberg and Bryant Falk, Abacus Entertainment
Stacy Seidel Tea
Paul Liberti


Most experience has been on stage and screen.
Extensive training with Bruce Kronenberg at Abacus Entertainment in NYC. Worked with noted VO Casting Director Stacy Seidel Tea and VO performer Paul Liberti.
Represented as an actor by Gotham Talent Agency and Abrams Artists.


I sing, compose, can do minor audio edits, and write and edit copy.