Olivia Scarlett

Olivia Scarlett

Member for 6 years •
"Husky, smooth, bright and versatile - RP, 20s-30s"

I have a full, rich voice with an RP accent.

Aside from my voice, I love the work. I understand the importance of listening and take pride in having a professional approach.


I’ve been working as a professional voiceover for 2 years, represented by Damn Good Voices.

A voiceover artist with a long history in the business told me I had natural talent. So I recorded my voice reel with Damn Good Voices and was lucky enough that they signed me on the spot.

I've since built up a varied experience in commercial, campaigning and narrative voiceover


Sept 2017 Watchshop.com (Wordley Productions, dir. Mark Wordley)
Commercial Voiceover

Aug 2017 OKSIJAN Short Film (Edward Watts Films, dir. Edward Watts)
Police Officer (Off Screen)
www.vimeo.com/252354699 PW: Voiceover17

July 2017 Manifesto London
Advertising Awards Voiceover

April 2017 Merck “Making Schistory” Appeal (Pals Studios)
Campaign Voiceover

Feb 2017 Care International “Walk in her Shoes” Appeal (The Communications Group)
Campaign Voiceover

Oct 2016 Marovo Medical Foundation (Edward Watts Films, dir. Edward Watts)
Narrative Voiceover on Short Documentary


I can also sing and speak a number of foreign languages.