Nick Judge

Member for 4 years
"I'm a professional actor working in the industry for 20 yrs"

I have a large range of voices from fun comedic roles to roles that require a more serious delivery. I have a range of accents that include R.P, Cockney, South Yorkshire, Liverpudlian, Mancunian and Staffordian.


Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art (1yr)
Central School of Speech and Drama (3yr BA in Acting)


I have worked professionally as an actor for 20 years and am a full equity member. My experience ranges from Live role play for the HM prison service, week rep at the Theatre Royal Nottingham to the BBC.


I am also a singer/musician/songwriter/guitarist with the ability to record and edit from home to a high standard. I gig in a covers band at weekend for fun.