Mukti Garceau

Mukti Garceau

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"friendly, approachable, sophisticated, professional, cheerful"

Mukti's voice: friendly, approachable conversational, fun, confident. Sophisticated, professional, cheerful, upbeat, sultry, sexy, deep, sarcastic, funny, dumb, romantic. A great storyteller,I also do many dialects: British, French, Cockney, Southern, Hindi. Cartoon voices from children, teens, witches, old ladies. Both a Voice Over professional and a singer as well as gifted actress giving Mukti her unique ability to communicate to any audience efficiently.


2017 Voice Arts Awards Winner for Cirque du Soleil commercial
2015 ongoing - Coaching with Alyson Steel
2014 Ongoing Private Animation voice over sessions with Award Winning Director Ginny McSwain
2011: AFTRA workshop and Voice Actors Training workshops
2010: AFTRA ongoing trainings and workshops.
2006 to today: Ongoing Voice over group and private classes with William Williams, Aliso Creek Productions.
2007: Accent Studies, Linda Brennan (Los Angeles)
2002:Two month grant sponsored Voice study and teaching in Europe with Voice Masters Helena Shenel & Lachlan Beveridge.
2000:Music Workshop: the principles of Cohesive Unity.
2000-05:Study of Indian Music sargam (notation) musical styles (bhajans, abhangas, qawallis, etc)and performance.
1986-90 Bachelor in Music, Classical Voice; McGill University, Montréal, Canada.


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Great Singer, good whistler, good at making funny sound effects. I work very well solo or with a team as well as excellent at taking direction. Having been a musician, performed, conductor and music director and public speaker, I bring years of vocal & musical experience and a delight in giving a voice to characters & bring them alive. I continue to refine my voice over talent taking workshops here in Hollywood with well known Directors, Casting Directors, AFTRA member workshops. I write scripts and songs for a popular online ecard company and the list goes on!