Michelle Mills

Michelle Mills

Member for 5 years
"Smooth, clear, cool, soothing, engaging, fun and hypnotic!"

I am a professionally trained vocal artist by world-renowned Chanti Niven, having recorded voiceovers of all kinds including voicemail and commercial jingles. My voice has rich tones, cool and soothing however I can record any number of desired styles, based on client need. At this time I speak American English only.

What I excel at:

Television and radio spots including proofing and rewriting scripts from 14 seconds up.
Corporate Presentation recordings
Telephony: Voicemails of all kinds, phone trees
I am a published author and editor


Jeff Arthur Studios in Clearwater, FL. Jingles and voiceovers. Three years performance experience.
Chanti Niven International-Captivating Speakers coaching. One year personal coaching with Chanti Niven, founder.


Primary commercial voice for the "Marc and Mandy Show" produced by Canadian Home Trends Magazine. www.marcandmandy.com
Primary commercial voice for Dermatude Metatherapy Esthetician line.
Numerous jingles, background vocals arranged and sang for indie artists at Jeff Arthur Studios in Clearwater.


Jingle and script composition, singing, published author