Michael Stadler

Michael Stadler

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"Veteran Voice with 20+ Years Experience!"

I am a veteran voice talent with 20+ years of experience and in-house production capabilities, and am a member of WoVo, the World Voices Organization. I "cut my teeth" in radio as an on-air personality, and worked in the industry for 19 years. During that time, I also wore many hats, including that of Production Director. I was able to build a variety of skills in the studio, and have had innumerable opportunities to put them to the test in all different types of voice roles. I've done radio and tv commercials, smartphone apps, radio station imaging, cartoon characters, white board videos, product launches, video games, in-store kiosks, documentaries, audiobooks, escape room narration, YouTube channels, school projects, phone IVR's... just to name a few. And that's just the RECORDED work. I've done live-acting for whodunnit murder mysteries, announcing for sporting events, hosted fundraisers, and I even sing and play guitar in a band. I guess I do a little bit of everything, when it comes to using my voice.


I began singing at a young age, but didn't start developing my speaking voice until college. I was hired at a radio station in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, originally just to plug in commercials during baseball game broadcasts. I knew how to run equipment from playing in bands, and I was majoring in English, so I was well read and well spoken, so the PD decided to see what I could do on the air. Over the course of the following couple years, I earned the highest ratings in the history of the station, and therefore began recording a LOT of commercials and endorsements. I always liked doing the voice work in the studio, and it just grew from there. After becoming Production Director and winning the SCBA Commercial of the Year award, I decided that voice work would always be a part of my future. I started my own company, recruited some talented friends, and have been doing it ever since!


Starting my own company was a huge milestone for me, because now it's not just MY voice that I need to worry about. Winning the South Carolina Broadcaster's Association "Commercial of the Year" award was a nice accolade. I have done work for several major clients, and COUNTLESS local businesses, events, and products. Some notable clients have been Trivago (travel website), Glidden Paint, Lays Potato Chips, Spectrum TV, and tour promos for artists like Keith Urban, Post Malone, and 21 Savage. I have had numerous product videos on major retailers' websites (Home Depot, Wal-Mart), and voiced a YouTube channel with several videos in the 3+ million hit range.


In addition to regular voiceover work, I have sung jingles before, and would be willing to do it again if it was a good fit. I am experienced in audio editing and production as well.