Michael Schwengel

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"Intuitive and Professional Voice Over Talent."
Michael Schwengel

As a male voice over talent, Michael Schwengel offers an appealing mix of brains and brawn, creative thinking and artistic sensitivity to his client’s voice over needs. An experienced actor and entrepreneur, Michael combines his knowledge and adaptability across various industries with an emotional intelligence and intuition that he brings to every project. He’s worked with large companies, small business owners, agencies, and creative directors across the world that depends on top voice over actors like Michael to deliver their message with clarity and truth. If you’re looking for male voice talent that will understand your vision and get you the results you’re seeking, seek no more.

His versatile voice is an engaging presence in many different mediums, including radio and tv commercials, animation, documentaries, video campaigns, advertising videos, brand anthems and more. With a natural tone described as young, middle-aged, warm, friendly, genuine, conversational or “guy next door”, your target audience will sense ease and relatability. That being said, Michael’s not afraid to get silly and explore different worlds. Just a flip of a switch, and suddenly he’s an overbearing robot, cross-dimensional warrior, exuberant puppy, or angsty teenager. As a professional voice artist, he is able to adapt his talent to whatever your requirements might be.


Tina Zaremba (VO Coach)
Beth Chaplin (VO Coach)
Actors Workout, Raye Birk (Guthrie MPLS)
HUGE Improv Theater (MPLS)
Brave New Workshop (MPLS)
Bova Actors Workshop, Anthony Bova (NY)
Sara & Will Wallace (LA)
Soul Emergence: The Actor’s Process as Spiritual Path, Sea Glassman (LA)
On-Camera Class for Adults, Michelle Hutchison (MPLS)


The voice of the Burj Khalifa - tallest building in the world. Operator in WARFRAME video game.


- Copywriting
- Post-production