Michael Saunders

Michael Saunders

Member for 9 years •
"Warm, Friendly, Upbeat, Experienced U.S. Non-Regional VO"

A trained voiceover talent with nearly a decade of FULL TIME VO experience under his belt, Michael has been able to consistently deliver genuine, relatable warmth to client projects.

People REMEMBER his voice.

As a home-studio equipped talent, he has the flexibility, collaboration skills and workflow to meet deadlines across multiple time zone's...and has worked with a diverse clientele including: VS Vereinigte Spezialmöbelfabriken/VS America, Skullcandy, Lexus, Pfizer, Amegy Bank, Sanofi, Wehype, and more!

General (no accent), clear, concise American English

#男性 アメリカのナレーション


**Voicetrax Academy, San Francisco Bay Area CA, USA**

Formal study of voice-over techniques; “colors of your voice", script analysis, two person dialogue, narration
developing characters, etc.

**Private Instruction, Veteran Voice Actor/Acting Coach, San Francisco Bay Area CA, USA**

Advanced technique. Intensive training covering a broad range of commercial and narrative copy. Pacing, effective breathing techniques, script dissection, etc.

**VoiceOne, San Francisco Bay Area CA, USA**

VO workshop.




*Integrify - Enterprise Request Management
*Prysm Video-Walls (CNBC National TV Broadcast)

(Office/Commercial/School Furnishings)

*VS Vereinigte Spezialmöbelfabriken/VS America


*Fat Gripz
*BMC Switzerland AG


*Lexus USA

(Global Pharmaceuticals/Bio-pharmaceuticals)

*Pfizer, Inc.
*Sanofi S.A.


*Wehype Global AB

(Company, Brand Identity)

*Storisell AB


*SuVolta CMOS Technologies


*Chevron Corporation (Fort Ross, US Dialogue)
*Total Energy


*Amegy Bank of Texas


*Snellings Law LLC

(Real Estate)

*The McCann Team - Mike McCann Realty


*Kyocera Mobile Communications
*GreenPipe AB (SnapSplit Pipes - Offshore/Submarine Cable Protection

(Consumer Retail Goods)

*Skullcandy Premium Headphones (14 product video series)
*Northwest Axe Company


*Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS)


*Bio-gen Extracts Pvt. Ltd.


*US Duct

(Culinary/Food Processing & Mfg)

*Ed Miniat
*South Chicago Packing Co.



>Outdoorsman, Tools and BBQ Grills, Auto and Truck Enthusiast, Tactical/Professional Grade/Technical Specifications Explainers.