Michael Davis

Michael Davis

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"Conversational American Male Voice Over Narration"

My name is Michael Davis, and I'm ready to give you high quality and professional sounding voice overs. My background is also in enterprise marketing and I have been the client on numerous occasions. I not only fully understand the acting portion of high-quality voice over but also the marketing elements that go into a good campaign. I am here to help!

My voice has been described as approachable, conversational, intelligent, and informative. I also have a neutral American accent.


I have been acting since childhood and have been producing voiceovers for years. I learned the craft from both classes and on real-world projects. I have worked as a marketing leader for the last 15 years and have been the client almost as many times as I have been the talent.


I have voiced commercials for publicly traded companies and all the way down to local mom and pop auto repair shops. I've narrated audiobooks, voiced more explainer videos than I can remember, and everything in between.


I am highly skilled at audio editing, post-production, and mastering.