Matthew Coles

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"Clear, calm, Concise"

My uniqueness is in my adaptability. I take direction well and try to change with it to suit a variety of work.

I never like to pigeon hole myself to one thing as I believe everyone is capable of everything, all it takes is commitment, courage and time


My skills, so far, have come from the jobs I have done and the encounters I have had, I have had a couple of coaching lessons with Tanya Rich. This I hope will lead to more positive movements in my career.


I have a few achievements, at least they are for me, producing work for Youtube companies AlwaysImproving and Mysterious5, I have also built my own studio space to allow me to properly and professionally produce great work.

I am also very proud of the work I have produced, in its entirety, for local businesses.


My special skills lay in the range of voices and moods I can adopt/translate through my voiceover work.