Marlon Braccia

Marlon Braccia

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"Flexible voice: tiny child thru mature woman"

Tremendous vocal range and highly imaginative characterization are 2 qualities most associated with Marlon Braccia's voice talent. As a female voice over actor in Los Angeles, CA, she records in her home studio.

From silly, wacky cartoon voices to kids and teens her voices projects almost any age range, though her natural speaking voice is intelligent, educated and ever so slightly raspy. Marlon enjoys changing her voice to meet a client's exact needs for a particular project, but she finds sultry, sexy work the most engaging of all.

Marlon's instructional, teaching abilities are most aptly demonstrated by her yoga programs (1.3 million sold) and all-natural cooking videos.

She has chanted and recited Sanskrit in the Vedic tradition for 2 decades.


Extensive study with the most illustrative voice coaches in Los Angeles and New York, including Marc Cashman and particularly David Lawrence XVII

Mentored by Noel Blanc and Paul Savior. Yogarupa Rod Stryker

Member: Groundlings, Gardener St. VO Workout Group
Founder and Member: Los Angeles Loopers


Sultry seductress for up market, luxury brands such as Mercedes, Tiffany, Bogner.

Specializing in spiritually-inclined works, natural health and esoteric arts and mystical sciences (Wisdom Schools, yoga studies, chirology, astrology, ayurveda, Taoism, Tantra, tarot, Gnosticism, Rosicrucianism Theosophy, etc.)

Animation: Dubbing and ADR for cartoons, games and anime in cast of zany, fun characters. Character development services available for animation projects

Invited participant on Vedic chanting recordings.of Krishna Das on Triloka Records.

Recorded lectures of Annie Besant for ACX and Audible.ccom


Sanskrit mantra

Creator and on-camera host: 50 TV episodes Yoga Time with Marlon Braccia
and 20 episodes The Enlightened Cook

Participant: Tarot study group, Theosophy study group,
Avid fan: Academy of Magical Arts (I know over 100 performing magicians)