Mandy Rose Nichols

Mandy Rose Nichols

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"Clean, strong, commanding sound"

Capable of sound ranging from light-hearted next door neighbor, to heavy medical narration, Mandy is a storyteller, narrator and imagination churner all in one.


An actor and singer for over 15 years, Mandy started out as a puppeteer and theatre actor where they would create characters and voices for stories. Heavily involved in the theatre scene, works weekly in local VO markets, as well as television hosting gigs.


World of Chaldea (Wizards) - Seattle, Washington
Barrie Denture Clinic - Ontario, Canada
William Penn University - Iowa
Kiefer Mazda & Kia - Oregon
Kia Motors- Idaho
Euphoria Chocolate - Oregon
Palm Springs Kia - California
Pearson Digital Learning - Arizona
University of Phoenix - Arizona
Food City - Arizona
Arizona State University - Arizona
Big O Tires - Colorado
Maracay Homes - Arizona


Singing and Jingle creation available