Macie Banks

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"A Twenty-Something Female with the Right Voice for You"

I've been in the voiceover business for about four years now. My work began simply as a radio personality on a local station in Athens, GA, and has since grown to voicing commercial & video spots all over the USA, including parts of Texas, Virginia, and New York. Currently, I voice about 5-10 commercials per week, but I'm looking to grow my business further, while also helping yours thrive. If you're in the market for a female, young-mid adult voice, I am your girl.


Five years ago, I began learning from some of the best talent and producers at Cumulus Atlanta during my summer college internship. Fast-forward to the present, I've remained in radio and voiced commercial spots and video ads locally, and all around the country.


Throughout my time in radio, I've had local endorsements come and go, including those with Maxie Price Chevrolet, Chicken Salad Chick, Gwinnett Urgent Care, Caresource, and more. I am currently the voice of ABNB, a banking company, in Virginia Beach. Within the past year, we've transitioned from radio commercials to also include local television commercials for ABNB. I currently work for Cox Media Group and have voiced various commercials for other markets in the country, including those in Long Island and San Antonio.


I have minimal skills in production/post-production for spots, but I am able to do them and am continuing to grow in that area.