Lucas Prizant

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"I'm an authoritative tutor type with a scrappy tone."

I grew up in around Chicago and as a result, my voice has a terse articulation that makes my work unique. I excel at hyper intelligent characters and long swaths of text. Due to my baritone range I can pull off soft tones in my higher register and a dark timbre in my lower. My most frequent compliments describe the relatable, street smart tone of my voice. If you need a completely different sound just ask! I love doing character voices! Need an evil german doctor? I'm on it! How about a angsty teenager? No problem! I'm committed to be versatile and easy to work with.


I received Voice Over training over four years at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. I was taught Commercial Copy Tactics, Cartoon Voice Creation, Vocal Violence(Screams, Sobs, Dying sounds) Audiobook reading methods, Dialect Mapping, Video Game voice over and more! I trained under D'Arcy Smith(Commercial, Video Game and Cartoon), Sammi Grant(Audiobooks and Dialects) and Jay Weinland(Destiny, Halo sound Director). I am constantly learning to improve my voice and pride myself on my continued drive to bring you a better product!


WXVU Cincinnati-Commercial and Radio Play
Chicago Public Radio- Commercial
Teen Numerous Cartoon Voiceover and Audiobook
University of Cincinnati-Marketing
Glenbrook North High School-Marketing
Xavier University-Marketing


I am fluent in Reaper and regularly use Eq, Gate and Equalizing tools to clean up my read.