Lizzie D'Elia

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"A fresh conversational sound - your cool big sister"

I have a minor in Voiceover from Columbia College Chicago, where I majored in Theater, so I am very well trained in how to make your copy sound amazing.
My background is in theater and Shakespeare, so you know that tough language is no problem for me.
My voice is young, ranging from 14 to 25. My sound is fresh, conversational, and intelligent. I sound like a young mom, or better yet, a cool older sister.
When I use higher pitches, they still sound smooth and my lower notes are grounded and thoughtful.
My biggest skill set is my acting experience. Let me know what you want, and I can make it happen so I sound like I'm really talking to someone specific about something important and exciting.


I have a minor in Voice Over from Columbia College Chicago where I majored in Acting.
The classes were taught by Voiceover Artists who are working in the field now, so all of my knowledge is fresh and relevant.
Voiceover Introductory Course with Deb Doetzer
Voiceover for Narration with Deb Doetzer
Voiceover for Animation with Jeff Lupetin
Voiceover Demo Production with Marssie Mencotti
Accents and Dialects with Kendra Thulin


my voice hasn't appeared anywhere professionally yet so I can be YOUR signature sound!


Recording from home
Editing - single track editing is where I'm most comfortable, but I can produce rough cuts of multi-track pieces.
Accents - Irish, British (Cockney, PR, Estuary,) New York, US Southern (Rhotic and Non-Rhotic,) any other accents I have not perfected yet but will happily practice upon request
Singing - Alto voice range G to G (2 octaves,) Sight reading music, Learning by ear
Groups - I am friends with many other actors, so if you need a large group sound I can make it happen