Lisa Woodcock

Lisa Woodcock

Member for 6 years
"Smooth, believable and professional"

Lisa has a clear, neutral British accent that performs very well for narration, E learning projects, training modules, business presentations as well as commercials and animation. Her voice has a subtle depth, with a soothing, rhythmic and melodic tone. She is softly spoken and easy on the ears. She can be well spoken and professional or more conversational and relaxed depending on the project at hand.


Del Mar Media Arts
California USA

Voice Over 1
Orientation to the skills of voice over acting using a combination of lectures and hands on experience. Course focuses on radio commercials, narration, and animation/character voices, as well as industrial work, demo production, and marketing.

Voice Over 2
Continuing study of voice over using more advanced material. Material chosen specifically to the needs of each student.

Voice Over 3: Spokesperson
Students are taught skills necessary to perform the work of a spokesperson in industrial and trade-show work. Students learn to become proficient on the TelePrompTer and the wireless ear prompter.

Voice Over 4: Radio theater, audio books, dialects
Students learn skills to perform vocal work in radio theater and books-on-tape, which are very similar in nature. The regional dialects of New York, American Southern, American North Eastern, and British are developed.

Voice Over 5: Advanced animation
Intensive advanced work on animation voices. Students learn to create and sustain original characters.

Voice Over 6: Advanced narration
Refining interpretation skills, focus, and delivery for strength and consistency. Geared toward material such as travelogues, The History Channel, Biography, and instructional tapes and videos.

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