Kyle Goodknight

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"A voice that is sincerer, warm, fun, and bold"

Striving to bring copy to life by making a connection with the listener is my number one Goal. Kyle has a variety of vocal tone. His smooth, clean voice works well for corporate presentations and documentaries. His ability to create unique character voices serves him well for cartoons, games and commercials. With over 20 years of experience in the medical field prior to becoming a voice over talent, Kyle has real world knowledge in many aspects of the medical genre. Such as product explainer, educational, training, and overall speaking about the medical industry from someone who has been very involved.


Big Voice Productions, Columbus Ohio
Marc Scott Voice Over Coaching


I have worked for many small market companies like GCN radio Network, ICAN cable Company, and a Fox local affiliate. I have done ex plainer video for K&L Supply out of California who is the Largest tire installation machines on the market.


The skills I posses are:
Ability to sound like anything I hear (characters)
Audio Post production
Singing, I have been in bands as well as asked to sing at events and National anthems