Kristen Paige

Member for 3 years •
"Versatile female voice - Tech savvy, athletic, warm, feminine"

With a background in public relations and marketing, Kristen has experience as both the client and voice talent! Kristen is an expert at pronouncing medical terminology, technical jargon and other hard to pronounce (and articulate) words. She makes it look (and sound) easy!

Since becoming a voice over talent, Kristen's voice over career has exploded! She's been fortunate to work with clients both large and small on projects as varied as eLearning modules, internal business pieces, IVR phone messages, business promotion videos, commercial radio and television spots!

Kristen has a passion for making the client's voice over projects come to life and would absolutely love to help them achieve their marketing and communication goals. Professional and Experienced Voiceover Artist with diverse age and delivery ranges. Kristen is often hired for her "tech savvy" voice but has a wide range of voice styles at her disposal. Commercial Spot Audio, eLearning and Education, Animated Character Voices, Podcasting, Documentary Narration, Voicemail Greetings or Message, On Hold and more.


Kristen has been very lucky to train with the fabulous Rachel Alena as her voice over coach and mentor. She also received a BA in Communication Studies from The Florida State University.

Kristen is also a student of J. Michael Collins for commercial voice over work!


Here is a list of Kristen's most recent clients:
Ampion Community Solar
Arad Travel
Cincinnati Children's Hospital
City of Wichita
Cohn Medilogix
Deux Par Deux
Duke Health
Encyclopaedia Britannica
Genesis Cable
Heart of Florida Health Center
Herome Cosmetics
Honest Paws
Jeunesse Travel
New Balance
Safety Solutions Online
Woosh Cosmetics


I will stop at nothing to make sure every detail of your Voice Over recording is perfect! This includes:
• Delivering edited and finished voice tracks, FREE of background noise, breaths and any other distracting noises.
• Radio ad production services, e-learning, narration, message systems etc.
• Adding music to any project
• Copy writing as well as copy editing -- let me use my Journalism background to make your script's copy SHINE.

If you would like a quote on your project the following information would be great:
Length of Script
Style of Voice you are looking for
Type of Project and Intent of Use
Your Budget & Deadline
Your Preferred Audio Format

I look forward to working with you!