Kevin T. Norris

Kevin T. Norris

Member for 7 years •
"deep, rich, reassuring, sexy, commanding, & assertive"

With a delivery described as deep, rich, reassuring, sexy, commanding, & assertive; with no (natural) regional, national or ethnic accent, Kevin has crafted a “second career” in Voice Over Performance. Over the past 14+ years, he has recorded &/or produced many commercial spots, audiobooks (8+ at last count), MOH loops, voiceprompt systems, industrials, movie trailers & narratives, and various long-form text reading projects.

He has produced much of this work in his in-house project studio (where he also recorded much of his solo CD “Donna’s Song & Other Love Tales Vol. 1”); however, he is willing and able to travel to expedite completion of a project.

Kevin is also a skilled and competent copy-editor, but knows when and where to apply that skill-primarily only when asked!


studied/mentored/demo production with Jordan Rich
studied/demo production with Dave Bourgeois (White Lake Music & Post)


• Audiobooks (8)-listed on
• Audio Watermarks & music vid trailer VO- Sergio Bellotti
• Comcast Cable- various local commercial VO projects
• Custom Transportation Service- MOH
• Limousine 18- MOH/IVR
• Dash Limousine (San Francisco, CA) – MOH
• St. Mary’s Credit Union- radio spots


• Crowd extra- Foxwoods Casino TV ad
• Band member (background; dance scene) - “The Box” feature movie
• Prof. Working Musician/Singer studio/stage- 35+years
• Bass, vocals, saxophone
• Copy editing