Ken Budka

Ken Budka

Member for 1 decade

Ideal for: Narration - Education - Web - Documentary

"...a narrator who is believeable and conversational, yet speaks from the heart with authority and conviction. A voice talent who speaks to the listener one-on-one, as if talking to the guy next door."

My years as a professional speaker & trainer are a huge advantage in connecting with people and creating believeable reads that will stick in the minds of your listeners.


I am firm believer in ongoing education.

Here are a few of my educational references:

Voiceover U, Sherri Berger
Sound Advice, Kate McClanaghan
Voiceover Studio Chicago, Darren Stephens

My library includes most major resources for Voiceover professionals.

B.S. Marketing/Communications
California State University, Los Angeles


Just a few of the organizations who have recently benefited from Ken’s voice are: Air Products Corporation, ECKO Media, Dreamlight AB, Adeaca, Filmontage Productions, Everspark Interactive, Plus Line Sports, Leighway Productions (Pizza Hut, Best Western, Master Mechanic), Misix Corporation, Rams Interactive, Exchange Analytics Corporation, Cops Plus, Hubbard Communications, and many others…


Thank you for the voice clip. My business partner and I listened to it and thought it was terrific! You have an enjoyable harmony of a soothing parent and an informative approach to the process. I forwarded the recording to our client and this is exactly what she was looking for too. I'm really excited to work with you again (on multiple projects) and thank you for being a superstar!

Jodi Borden
Chief Operating Officer, Chi Markets LLC

I have worked with Ken Budka for close to a decade and I speak from experience when I say he is a joy to work with and has an infectious positive attitude. In fact, I cannot think of a time he did not have a smile on his face. He is an incredibly hard worker with a high level of integrity. I am always excited when I get to work with Ken on a project because the quality of his work is consistently outstanding. The combination of his enthusiasm, work ethic and ability to take direction is a rarity. I would highly recommend Ken to anyone who is looking for a true professional and outstanding results.

Katie Brandt
Director of Marketing, Freedom Personal Development

Very good guy to work with. He was working fast and really well. I am very happy about all the service he gave me. Never asked for the money and always ready to do more to help me. I will for sure work with this voiceover talent again in the near future.

Frank Bellanger
Owner, Proline Sports

Everyone loved the VO. You nailed it! My editor went ahead and used your mp3 version and it sounds fine. You can send me an invoice when you are ready. Great job.

Matt Hubbard
Communications Media Designer, Hubbard Studios LLC

I found Ken Budka to be extremely easy to work with, professional, and flexible. He is a very talented voice professional and easily adapted to the needs of the project. Ken provided me my sound files exactly in line with the criteria I gave, and he was very attentive to details of the script. I would highly recommend Ken Budka for projects requiring a true professional who is a pleasure to work with.

Larry Israel
Owner, Exchange Analytics Inc.

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When working with me, you can expect someone who clearly focuses on your project details, listens effectively to your direction and then follows through. I am extremely easy to work with and I will do whatever it takes to deliver a final production that meets your needs and exceed your expectations.

WRITING & EDITING – need help creating or customizing your spot? I have years of experience educating business professionals on effective writing & communication skills. I will research, write and help produce a world-class project that really stands out. Reasonable rates per word, page or project would apply in addition to the voice track.