Kathryn Ryan

Kathryn Ryan

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"Versatile, clear, articulate, young"

Clear and warm for narrations, expressive and fun for commercials, articulate.
Lots of character voices. Very versatile.
Natural British RP accent. Can do London, Cockney, Scottish.

American, US, South US, New York.


Childrens voices. Kids to young teenage boys and girls.

Character voices for cartoons and children's toys.

Very convincing children's voice!


I have the Guildhall Certificate in Solo Acting (G.S.M.D. Cert. Act)

I have been working in the industry in since I finished high school and gained a wealth of experience including how to dub and write dubbing scripts as well as all other aspects of doing and producing voice overs to a high standared.

Since moving to London in May 2008 I have continued my work for Vtech toys and have done recordings for other companies.

I am also a singer and have recorded 2 CDs of educational childrens songs and have sung for TV commercials.

As an actress, recent roles include Audrey in Little of Horrors, Rosalind in Shakespeare's As You Like It, Amanda in Noel Coward's Private Lives and Annie Oakley in the musical Annie Get Your Gun.


* The Lion King Video Game - Simba, Narrator
* The Little Mermaid Video Game - Ariel
* The Wonder Pets Video Game - Narrator
* Superfriends Video Game - Spidergirl, Storm, Narrator
* Charater voices and songs for numerous other V-Tech products including The Backyardigans, V Smile, Noddy, Baby Einstein and Dora the Explorer.

* Talking book - Mother and baby elephant, The Sun, Trout.

Television & Radio

Flash Gordon, Episode One - Dale Arden and Princess Aura

Clients include:
* Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK)
* Hong Kong Government Public Service Announcements
* “A Fontaine” Bedding
* Watson’s
* Pearl River Bridge Golden Label Light Soy Sauce

* Hong Kong Museum of Art - Audio Tours
* Hong Kong History Museum - Audio Tours
* RTHK - Documentary series

Movie Dubbing/Cartoon/TV series
* Animated C.G.I. Feature Film - Dragonblade - The Apprentice and extras.
* Venezuelan Soap Opera - Mis Tres Hermanas - Numerous characters including: Margharita, Beatrize & Sofia.
* Japanese Manga - Crush Gear Turbo, Captain Tsubasa, Mirmo - Numerous characters including Mirmo.
* Hong Kong Movie Dubbing - Infernal Affairs 2, Police Story 1 & 2, Once Upon a Time in China, Gorgeous.
*French cartoon series – “Kung Foot” and “Lou Lou”

Clients include:
* Pearson Education Asia (Longman)
* Clarity Language Consultants
* Oxford University Press
* Cambridge University Press
* Little Rainbow Publications
* Greenfield Education, Asia


I was born and raised in Hong Kong as an expatriate with British parents. My school friends were from all different countries so I have a good understanding of different cultures and can imitate different accents convincingly.
I have a recorded a lot of English listening tests where knowledge of phonics correct pronunciation is vital.