Juliana Martins

Juliana Martins

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"Trained theater actress and former diplomatic attaché"

My work is unique due to my background. I was born and raised in the east coast of the United States. My parents are originally from Brazil and my grandparents are from Portugal. Due to this eccentric and adventurous nature that run through my linage, I developed an acute way of adapting to situations and my voice and posture reflect that mobility. I have always been exposed to multi-cultural environments that have prepared me to become flexible and highly adaptable being able to be directed and provide more options when collaborating in projects.


I first went to University to study Diplomacy, in which I was exposed to a plethora of languages and dialects. Soon after completing my studies I enrolled in a Theater program and learned how to use my voice in an array of variations, tones and expressions. Currently, I am a part of a Church choir and sing Gregorian Chant.


I have worked as a TV presenter for a live television network in Brazil. I have also participated in a variation of different commercial advertisement for national and international brands. I have worked as a interpreter, in which I simultaneously translate for speakers in front of large crowds or in private meetings. I have used my voice to give life to characters for e-learning purposes. I have dubbed animation videos and have recorded in front of the camera for both teaching and entertainment purposes.


I love to write lyrics to music, poetry and also sing in Latim, English, Portuguese and French.