Julia Collura

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"Distinctively rich, warm and soothing"
Julia Collura

With a diverse career path as a professional pianist, Drama and Musical Theatre director, Acting and Yoga Teacher, I have a strong aural sensibility. Further, as an Italian American, I have a natural affinity for narrative and storytelling.

My voice quality is distinctively rich, warm and soothing with a late 30s to mid-50s sound. I can offer both youthful as well as spritely – smooth or seductive. Although American born, with over ten years living in the UK, my Northeast American accent has softened to ‘Mid-Atlantic’.


The Actor's Centre, London, UK with Lara Parmiani, Voiceover Artist, Actor and Coach

MA Educational Theatre, New York University and Goldsmiths College, London, UK

MM Piano Performance
Hunter College of the City University of New York, USA

BM Piano Performance
Hunter College of the City University of New York, USA

As a former teacher at Arts Educational Schools, London, training young adults for Drama school auditions, I relish performing and have an innate understanding and ability of how to add nuance and musicality through voice to a piece of text. I understand well the importance of how timing and rhythm can effectively be used to draw the listener further in and ‘hook’ them into an audio-book. As a theatre director, I aim to inspire actors to in turn inspire their audience to enter ‘the world of the play’. This approach encapsulates my intent as a voiceover artist – I wish for the listener to ‘enter the world’ of the text.


I am currently producing 2 audiobooks via ACX and am a co-presenter for Hospital Radio Plymouth.


As a musician, I have an excellent ear for the musicality of a line of text and am especially sensitive to tempo, pace and pitch.