Joseph Poggi

Joseph Poggi

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"Bold, Deep, Calming, Sensitive, Relaxing, Conversational."

Bold, Deep, Calming, Sensitive, Relaxing, Conversational, just a few terms I have heard people say my voice sounds. I will be the best voice actor for your needs, write me, and ask for a custom demo today.


Who can really say they have learned from one person, the voiceover business is a constant learning process since it is always evolving and changing with the times. New characters are made every day from the main media to a simple video made for a school project. But if you could name a person that you have learned the most from, I would have to say Chuck McKibbon from One amazing teacher who I would highly recommend for starting out in voice work, or if you are a veteran on voiceovers, Chuck will help you along the way.


I have voiced video games, audiobooks, radio/TV commercials and just about everything in between. I work with most voice companies, as well as my website.


While most of my work is audiobooks and corporate narration, I am asked to perform for the mic as well. Many characters are a part of my voice acting, from a teenager, to an old man, cartoon voices, to video games, even the occasional impersonation. Have a character voice in mind? Write me today for a demo on what type of character you want to hear, and I will make it happen.