Joie Shettler

Joie Shettler

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"Friendly, professional, bubbly, energetic, sexy, sassy."

My voice is fun, professional, and very versatile! I can go from high bubbly, to a deep sexy or serious tone, to a professional educational voice, normal or next door neighbor, or "real" person feel. I have worked as a singer/vocalist/actress/and professional dancer for over 20 years. I studied acting with Ken Lerner, and attended the Groundlings for 3 years (for Improv). Working with musical artists such as Brian Setzer, I was hired for back up vocals for the track "House of Mouse", which is featured in Toon Town in Disneyland today. I have lent my voice to many corporate events, both live and recorded.


I have been studying and completed all 3 levels at Voice Masters, and recently have been training with Donna Grillo.


Recorded and voiced Minnie Mouse, for the song "House of Mouse" for Toon Town.
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I am also a professional singer.