John-Michael Jalonen

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"Millennial Male Voice can connect with any audience."
John-Michael Jalonen

My work as a VO artist is relatable and can connect with any listener. My vocal style is highly conversational, varied, and keeps the listener engaged and wanting more. I particularly shine in the educational space, and in situations where I can bring humor to the front.

I have narrated long and short works, portrayed a variety of characters of all ages, both male and female, as well as maintaining a solid neutral that is engaging and appealing to the listener.


I have worked as a professional stage and screen actor since 2012, and have appeared on stages in Virginia, Washington DC, and New York City.

I received a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Theater, where I received stage, camera, and vocal training.

Trained with Broadway director Terry Schreiber, and television star Van Hansis in New York City.


I have narrated and edited over 25 audiobooks, have worked as an MC/Event Host, and was once the weekly voice of a movie theater chain's announcements.


Can provide basic audio editing