Joe Zunardo Jankowski

Joe Zunardo Jankowski

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"Professional - reliable - reassuring - and devilishly handsome!"

I am the owner of JoeKat Voice-over LLC, based in Columbus OH (USA), and opened my studio for business in June 2016. I honed my speaking skills for 25 years as a classroom instructor, meeting facilitator, and special-events emcee with the United States Postal Service before I retired in June 2016. In addition, I'm a public-address announcer for college and high school sports with over 21 years experience. I recently spent five months as a weather forecaster with, recording and mixing forecasts for over 20 stations each day. Currently I'm a volunteer reader with the reading service for the blind, recording a weekly one-hour show for the past 3 years. In addition, I volunteer my services to the community by recording voiceovers to advertise events held by local charitable organizations.

Strengths include:
- My go-to voice - traditional, corporate, middle-aged announcer style. Friendly and soothing for on-hold messaging. Working-class regular guy for a car parts radio spot. A 30-something office worker for an elearning course.
- If needed, I can provide voices in the style of certain famous or iconic characters - perfect for holidays or special occasions! (see my demos)
- My current clients know I am dependable, reliable, and professional, as well as having a classy and pleasant voice they will be happy with
- I've been trained by Ron Allan, one of the best coaches in the VO business.
- I have excellent microphone technique, recording skills, and editing/mixing skills
- I can record, edit, and send files quickly and efficiently, and can respond to client immediately when required

I first began planning to go into voiceover in 2007, and realized that dream in 2016. Now I go to work every morning, knowing there is a someone who needs a voiceover solution which I can provide. How can I help you today?


- August 2016 - I successfully completed the 22-week Voiceover Pro training program at Ron Allan's Big Voice Productions studios in Columbus OH (USA). The training included (among other things): vocal anatomy, reading basics, developing vocal resonance and articulation, script analysis, developing "money" reads, client and studio expectations, audition ettiquette, microphone technique and studio equipment, marketing, rates, and working with talent websites and agencies.

- May 2016 - I attended the Midwest Voiceover Conference in Columbus OH (USA), where Armin Hierstetter, Joe Cipriano, Rodney Saulsberry, J. Michael Collins, Joe Zieja, and Christina Milizia were among the presenters.

- since February 2016 - I've been attending monthly group training meetings for the group "Voiceover Pros of Central Ohio", led by Ron Allan.


I started by developing a portfolio of 10 different commercials broadcast on radio and television, which were recorded in the spring and summer of 2016 while I was in training with Ron Allan at his Big Voice Productions studios. Since September 2016, Ron has hired me as a paid voice talent for seven more commercials, including five different TV spots as "the voice of Tony The Tailor", a men's clothing store in Charleston WV. is a media production firm in New Jersey. I've done three eLearning jobs for them this year, and I'm proud to have them as a repeat client. recently added me to their select roster of voice talent for mature voices, and I look forward to a successful business relationship with them. Schtung is based in California and specializes in eLearning and other media content for clients.


I offer copywriting services, and I can provide music and SFX post-production services.

I'm a skilled public-address announcer for sports events, providing a classy and professional voice that reflects well on the home team and the venue..

I have extensive experience as a special events emcee. My biggest event so far was a 9-11 postage stamp unveiling ceremony by the U.S. Postal Service held at the Ohio Statehouse capitol building in 2001, where I introduced the governor of Ohio and other state dignitaries.