Joe Siple

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"The Comfortable Guy Voice Everyone Knows And Loves"

Joe's voice comes across as authentic, welcoming, and real. His delivery for narration evokes trust and familiarity, while his commercial delivery is one of genuine excitement and enthusiasm.


Joe trained with David Rosenthal, CEO of Global Voice Actors Academy. After finishing the training, David said "Joe is a pleasure to work with. He has an All-American voice that is appealing, inviting, and persuasive, all accompanied by a great attitude and a professional, easy-going style. Joe will rock your project!"

Joe also spent four years as a sports reporter and anchor for the NBC and FOX affiliates in Rochester, MN.


In his brief time as a Voiceover Professional, Joe has done work for the launch videos for the "Duck Pack & Track" and "VRify" apps. Both production companies he worked for said they were "extremely satisfied" with Joe's professionalism as well as the final product. Joe is also represented by GoVoices, which has a Colorado exclusive on his work.


Joe has a soundproof home studio and can send high quality audio files in either mp3 or WAV format. He has access to SourceConnect.