Jodi Swenson

Jodi Swenson

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"Friendly, upbeat, sultry, or intelligent - let me be your voice!"

I have over 13 years of experience working as a veterinary technician, so I am very good at the "baby/puppy voice", as well as the "educational voice" and a "typical phone voice", having to play different roles throughout the day. I am also very familiar with most medical terms. I am a wife and parent of 2 younger children, so I have a variety of emotions to draw from those experiences!
I tend to focus mostly on IVR/phone messaging, explainer videos, and character acting for video games, visual novels, etc.
I am here to help you make the best project possible and will do everything I can to ensure that you get exactly what you want!


Voices for All - Master Gold Course - 2017


Radio commercial for Manduu - Female athlete and Busy Mom 2.
I am the voice of the IVR for a large corporation - Cloud Nine.
I am the voice representing the Midwest Accent in a museum exhibit which describes the different accents from around the US.
Voice of Stephanie in the podcast End of All Hope (Season 3)
Voice of Dyson City Advertisements in the podcast Black Star Chronicles.
Voice of Kendal in MineZ Fatal Retribution - YouTube released audiodrama.
I was the voice of the vet clinic I worked a previously - on-hold and radio advertisements for 10 years.


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