Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers

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"A Voice Recognized Across The USA"

A friendly voice ~~ warm and intimate, with the elusive knack of holding a listener's attention and reassuring him/her of the quality of the product!

A versatile voice ~~ bringing life to every character and every chapter of audio books!

An authoritative voice ~~ perfect for instruction and learning programs!

A believable voice ~~ perfect for commercial and corporate branding!

"A voice for all seasons!," as described by a highly-satisfied client!


I have worked with some of the USA's outstanding voice coaches ~~ most recently with Bettye Zoller Seitz. Earlier I honed my talent with LA's Nancy Wolfson, voice diva Alice Whitfield and the late, great teacher, Alice Skinner!

I have been the voice of national radio and TV commercials and a narrator of audio books, TV documentaries, medical and legal training programs and corporate branding videos.

Earlier I was a national news anchor with ABC Radio News, NYC and Washington, DC..... The afternoon news anchor for WNEW, NYC, WMAL, Washington, DC and WBAP, Dallas/Ft. Worth.....


"The one word that stands out in my mind when I hear your narrations and voice overs is versatility. From Westerns to commercials to evrything in between, you move into the part and not only believe in what you are reading, but you make the listener believe it as well. It's as if you are talking one on one with your listener, bringing us in to your world." Diane Ganzer, Author & Poet


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