Jim Morris

Member for 5 years
"Unique baritone that is adaptable to different deliveries"

My natural speaking voice has an authoritative quality, that some have likened to Rod Serling. I'm comfortable reading straight-ahead material like news or documentaries with a relaxed approach that serves to make the listener feel comfortable. Or I can deliver the hard-sell, in your face sonic assault on the listener. My voice works well in a variety of formats, including audiobooks and digital programming. I have a knack for various accents (Australian, British) and character voices should the client need such.


I have trained with Betty Lougaris in Las Vegas Nevada. She is a recognized actress and voice coach. In addition to studying with her, I also performed in several of her theater company's radio productions. Additional training was received from Pierre Robin and the American School of Broadcasting, both located in Columbus, Ohio (USA). In high school, I was a drama/theater major and appeared in several plays.


For over a year I served as the voice of "Epic Wildlife", a YouTube channel with more than 1,000,000 subscribers. For that effort, I used an Australian accent and wrote almost all of the scripts (10+ min). I also used my own voice for some other channels owned by the same company. I have recorded and produced two audiobooks, both of which are sold on Audible.com and iTunes. My voice has also been heard on several promotional spots online, and in commercials broadcast in the Las Vegas area. Prior to that, I worked in radio as an air personality, and in TV as a broadcast announcer.


I have the ability to home record, should the project require such. I am also a proficient writer, and can provide script writing (or rewriting) services upon request.