Jim Ellis

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"I'm the everyday voice over man"

Jim is the consummate guy next door. With a voice age that defies definition, moving easily from late twenties to late forties, Jim has that neighborly presence that casting directors are going gaga over these days. His insightful ability to interpret a script, coupled with tones of credibility and authenticity, make him a perfect solution to the question: "Where do we find someone who just sounds real?"


As a lifelong performer I have learn my skills as I have progressed through life. I consider J. Michale Collins, one of the industry's leading VO Artist, to be my mentor. He has helped me greatly and he produced my VO demo.


I have recorded several audiobooks and commercials. My favorite recording so far is for the game Shadow Realm featured on the Amazon Echo.


I am a singer and song writer, though I have not yet used these skills in my VO portfolio.