Jim Conlan

Jim Conlan

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"Mature articulate baritone male - unaccented American English"

For decades I've been the voice clients have chosen to tell their story. I've narrated scores of corporate videos, voiced hundreds of radio and TV commercials, and helped explain how things are made and how things get done. My voice has brought scores of books to life. And persuaded millions of buyers to buy. I'm the Voice of God and the Guy Next Door. I have been the spokesperson of such national companies as Jiffy Lube, Administaff, Jimmy John’s, Opti-Free, Rheem/Ruud, Rentronics, NASA, Baker Hughes, and Chevron.

Whatever your story is, doesn't it deserve to be well told? Listen to my samples. Then let me know how I can tell your story.


My training has occurred through long association with the advertising industry as a writer, producer, and creative director. I have learned from directing some of the best voice talent in the country, as well as 30 years of professional voice-over experience.


Bettye Zoller Seitz, VoicesVoices.com
Jeff Danis, Danis Panaro Nist, Hollywood
Jenny Bosby, Pastorini-Bosby Talent, Houston


ADVERTISING. Through my company, Radio Works, I have written and produced thousands of radio commercials, many of which have won national and international awards.

PRODUCTION. I have been a hands-on recording and production engineer for the past 20 years, starting with multitrack tape recording and mixing, through Sound Tools, Pro Tools, and the latest Adobe software.

MUSIC. I studied music and theatre in college and am currently a professional musician who performs every week. I have composed music for both classical and jazz idioms, including a fair amount of commercial music for radio and television.