Jessica Lohmann

Jessica Lohmann

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"My voice instructs, energizes and motivates!"

I’m not the bubbly cheerleader next door. I’m your athletic, earthy-crunchy, energetic, dig in the dirt neighbor.

My voice is strong, smooth, natural, trustworthy, down-to-earth and cheerful with a touch of rugged tomboyishness, topped off with a musical warmth and a seductive tone.

My voice instructs, energizes and motivates the listener to react to the message being conveyed. I can tell a story – and more importantly –
I can sell.


First, at WUSC, college radio station at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, USA.
I took private voiceover coaching lessons from Marc Rossmann and Jutta Seifert.


I earned my marketing degree at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, USA and was a college DJ at WUSC from 1988-1990. That was my first time behind the mic. I've voiced various projects since then.



I can add music and sound effects, but do not consider myself a post-production expert...