Jeremy Donahue

Jeremy Donahue

Member for 4 years
"Confident, Articulate and Smooth"

My voice has a warm quality to it.
It's smooth and rich and easy to listen to.
I have a convincing way of speaking with a pacing that is easy to follow.

I specialize in non-fiction audiobooks, corporate narration, technical material, and explainer videos.
Although, of course, I will consider any job if I feel that it suits my skill set.

I work out of my home studio 7 days a week.
I have a voice booth that I use to ensure a clear reading.
I use RX 6 to clean up my audio, and I have quality microphones and cables to ensure quality recordings.


The hard way.
By starting this career off with nothing but a desk mic 6 years ago and working my way up over time.
I hammered my head against audiobooks on ACX.
I learned how not do it by making a ton of mistakes.
I built my home studio up over the years as I built my skill.
I now reside in a nice home studio with a professional vocal booth and the skills to use my equipment effectively.


I have done several audiobooks and commercial work.
As well as educational material for YouTube.

Some of my clients include:
Dr. Allen Klein,
Southern Illinois University Press,
Convene Meeting Spaces NYC,
Dr. Stephen G. Fox,
Toyota of Vegas


I can provide post-production services like mixing and mastering.