Jeff Melton

Jeff Melton

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"Deep rich conversational style, confident and relaxed."

I've worked with National clients like Chevrolet, Netflix, Mattress Firm. I can deliver a professional corporate style read for your internal needs or can give you a web explainer style if needed. I can also go low and gravely if that's what the script calls for. I deliver studio quality audio in mp3 or wav. files. I'm in my studio 5-6 days a week so in most cases can complete your project in a matter of a few hours. Hopefully you'll check some of my demos. Thanks in advance for the opportunity to work on your project.


Over 25 years of VO experience.


It was great to work with Chevrolet on a TV run in Los Angeles. I'm currently working with Mattress firm.


I can add music that the clients provide if needed. If your project is a 1 to 2 minute script I can get that turned around in an hour or 2.