Jason Campbell

Jason Campbell

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"Every guy voice with the versatility to keep it professional"

I believe that overall my product is professional in all aspects. I love my clients, and do my best to respond quickly, work hard and deliver a product that far exceeds their expectations. Voiceover is more than just reading words off of a page, it's more about finding the story or theme that is trying to be conveyed by those words. My goal is to use those words to help my clients achieve the goal of their product.


Extensive Voice Actor training with Dan Friedman.

There are so many other voice actors out there that freely give advice and tips over their websites and Youtube channels. The knowledge is out there, we just need to search for it.


I've voiced hundreds of web videos over my career for companies all over the world! My neutral American accent has found a spot in several training videos for small companies to Fortune 500 companies.