Jara Jones

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"A purring, authentic, instant pal kind of sound."

Jara is an AEA theatre actor, voice over actor, singer-songwriter, playwright, and producer currently residing in NYC. A graduate of the University of Southern California's School of Theatre, he's also an award-winning solo performance artist, having written, starred in and produced two critically successful one man shows (Ghost on a Stick and King of the Hobos.)

This diverse amount of work has led Jara to be highly sought after for that rare mix - a combination of the Cowardly Lion and Sweeney Todd. Deeply playful, but also capable of intense, heart-stopping power. Having voiced Richard III, redneck child pageant dads, Giusseppe Zangara, pigs, Claudius, Mr. Tumnus, and Admiral Ackbar (to name a few), he delights in the silly and somber.

He believes that authenticity and storytelling are the tools for memorable voice work. No matter the scope or size of a project, he is fueled by the commitment to professionalism and fervent love of this career.

Jara's fluid and flexible voice has been described in a multitude of ways!

Many of the Voice styles you can hear include: warm, friendly, genuine, guy next door, fatherly, soft-spoken, teacher, natural, authentic, smooth, middle aged, corporate, business, educational, knowledgeable, compelling, authoritative, smarmy, announcer, witty, hip, funny, cool, urban, youthful, confident, deep, gritty, manly, masculine, sexy, professorial, authentic, reassuring, animated, conversational, funny, upbeat, enthusiastic, sincere, believable, country, folksy, southern, slow, calm, educational, relatable, sophisticated , high energy, motivational, caring, attitude, smart, tough, gritty, raspy, deep, deadpan, serious, storyteller, alpha male, authentic, enthusiastic, booming, cocky, attitude, angry, confident, dynamic, amusing, cartoon, character, funny and more.

Jara is a very flexible talent currently producing Voice Overs for a range of age requirements- 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s (25-55) and more!

Jara delivers on the following:

-Expedient turn-around-times.
Many projects have same day turnaround times, and some within an hour or two depending on client need and availability.
-Clear, precise, professional reads!
-Numerous format choices (i.e.- mp3, .wav, .aiff etc)

Jara's extensive training and professional approach makes it clear that he is a top choice in voice over for commercials, tv, radio, video games, cartoons, explainer videos, promotional videos, Telephone, documentaries, brand videos, pharmaceutical, teacher, company product, eLearning (educational, tutorials, training lessons), audio books, phone prompts (telephone IVR, greetings, on hold), narration (commercial, training, documentary) , Business promos, PSAs, Cartoons, Sales, YouTube videos and more.


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Hades, Lord of the Underworld for a animation short.
Queen Mary commercial
Telephone IVF - Trident University University


songwriting, singing, guitar.