James Eoppolo

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"If your best friend was telling you, you'd listen. That's me!"
James Eoppolo

It's all about being believed, trusted. My friendly, warm and relaxed delivery projects a sense of inclusiveness that invites, and then holds the listeners attention.


My skills were learned in the trenches of small market radio stations decades ago. Voicing 20 to 30 radio commercials a day fine tuned my natural ability to communicate.


Those early days launched a more than 25 year, highly successful career in one of the most competitive markets in the USA, Philadelphia. Coupled with extraordinary creative writing and producing skills, I earned a reputation that enabled me to work with numerous clients on several national campaigns. VO and writing for Vitamin Water, BMW Motorcycles, Arby's, Harley-Davidson, Nickelodeon Television, and an endless list of regional and local clients over the years.


After decades of writing, voicing and producing thousands of radio, television and internet pieces, my keen eye for copy and keen ear for production has proved to be an invaluable tool to help my clients hit their targeted demo spot on.