Jacob Valle

Member for 7 years
"Directable and youthful. This actor can take on any style."

I have studied and practiced acting for over 12 years. That is half of my life. I know how to convey exactly what you need. Having worked with countless directors/professors/teachers, I have developed a higher level of communication. Therefore, I am exceptional at taking direction. Let me know what you need.
The longevity of my training has cultured me in many different styles and forms of acting. I can deliver over-the-top-musical-theater pizzazz, or I can give you the more subtle, yet wildly vibrant choices. I've practiced it all.
You'll find me friendly and very easy to connect with, as well as highly professional. I am all about working hard to put a great product out there.

Thank you,
Jacob Valle


I got five months of personal coaching from Bruce Carey (dallasvoiceover.com). I had the ability to progress quickly through his training, touching on many different voiceover mediums.
Before that, I attended Drury University where I got my Bachelor's degree in acting. I had the pleasure of working directly with Tony-nominee, Robert Westenberg often.
I also had three years of theater training at Collin College in Plano, TX. My skills were honed by a team of excellent professors there, touching on numerous styles of theater.
I've had voice lessons, improv workshops, Shakespeare classes, and much more. I am a versatile worker in this career field, but more than anything else, my professionalism is astounding. I take work seriously and politely, while maintaining and easy-to-approach attitude.


I have been putting on shows for over a decade. As an stage actor, I am very seasoned. One of my favorite experiences has been my comedy-cowboy-gunfight tour with Lagniappe Productions.
I am finally beginning my dream of becoming a voiceover artist, and I am loving everything about it so far.


I sing (tenor).
Accents are attainable for me. My best are my many southern dialects. I also own a decent Russian accent.

More of a lifestyle than a skill, but I take excellent care of my body and my voice. My voice has stamina and health.