J. Holland

Member for 7 years
"Warm, relatable; can tell your story."

I am blessed with a gift to take a piece of copy and relate it in a compelling way. It's more than reading; it's about storytelling. A warm, genuine and believable voice that can range from soft to hard sell. PLUS, a super fast turn around.


Years ago, I was a stage actor, landing major roles in several musicals. I received training from many inspirational and demanding directors that helped me craft my raw, straight delivery into one of much more range, expression and meaning. Also, over 30 years of refining my talent, has created an established, distinctive and reliable voice actor.


Primary voice talent (since 1991) - EWTN, the Global Catholic Television Network • VOG for Alabama Power & Southern Company • Talkshow host for 30 years • Narrator for U.S. Army (AMRDEC, Huntsville, Alabama) • Provide daily radio news for more than 20 stations.


Over the years I have learned, very well, the skills to be flexible; to be a team player. I can be the talent, do post, operate a camera, boom, direct, pitch for a standup, emcee, ad lib live (radio or TV), speak to 10 or 10,000. I host focus groups to major corporate meetings. Get up at 3am and prep for a 5am live broadcast or record morning news and a state-wide radio network in the afternoon.