Haley C. McCarthy

Member for 5 years
"A strong, warm voice that moves many!"

Haley has a warm, unique, medium to low, energetic, voice that adapts well to project type. I can also do a British (RP) accent!


Private Coaching with Robin Armstrong
RPG VO Workshop with Kira Buckland
Anime Audition Bootcamp with Brittany Lauda
Adult Acting and Improvisation at Players by the Sea
Voice Acting Bootcamps and Character Workshop with Rachael Messer
Group Character Acting Class and Private Lessons with Crispin Freeman
Acting and Improv at TheatreJax
D.M. Larson’s Acting Class
Getting Paid to Talk with VoiceCoaches


The Subject || Video Game || Bay Officer
I Am Here || Video Game || Lisa
COPPERHEART || Audio Drama || Joan Leuter
Insight || Video Game || Narrator
Serial Link || Video Game || NPCs, Ardelia Castiglione
Apprentice Arriving || Video Game || Licy
Strangers of the Power 2 || Video Game || Aurae
If in Your Dreams; the Flood || Video Game || Daisy, Hope’s Mom
Terraglyph || Video Game || Janison, The Spirit of Death
Border of Her Heart || Video Game || Wren, Thiphania
My Time at Portia || Video Game || Carol
Treasure Huntress: Super Sapphire Sisters || Video Game || Jewel
God Complex || Audio Drama || Leviathan
Desolate || Video Game || Donnell
Strangers of the Power || Video Game || Chandra
REBOOT || Animated Short || Render’s Mom
zONE by Philip Blood || Audiobook|| Ellie
ShadowVane || Podcast || Mercy Lewis
GEEK BY NIGHT || Podcast || Inez
Early Life of Moses || Audio Drama || Miriam
New Arrivals Audio Drama || Audio Drama|| Liz
Danger Zone Audio Drama || Audio Drama || Female Witness
“The Challenge Series” Visioning Audio || Audiobook || Narrator
The Stroke of Midnight || Visual Novel || The Girl


I have some singing experience!