Glenn Howard

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Glenn sees the world through curious eyes. He is a musician, a technician, an artist, and a collaborator. He is a musician who builds his own guitars. He is a recording engineer who has designed and built recording studios. He has walked along the Great Wall of China, stood at the edge of the Grand Canyon, and touched the carved stone walls at Angkor Wat. He is an amateur carpenter and photographer with a deep appreciation of form, function, and space. And it is this collective sensibility that both informs and fuels his passion for bringing stories to life.

"Between thought and expression, lies a lifetime." - LOU REED


2021: Future Focus with Marice Tobias
2020: Commercial VO / KH Casting
2019: The 15 Points of Automotive / Automotive Voiceover workshop (Cliff Zellman)
2019: Promo Voiceover Workshop (Joyce Castellanos)
2018: Tricky Business / Commercial + Narration VO Workshop / Vancouver, Canada (Marice Tobias)
2015: Summit For Made Men In VO / Las Vegas (Marice Tobias)
2014: Commercial + Narration VO Workshop / Calgary, Canada (Marice Tobias)
2013: Commercial + Narration VO Workshop / Calgary, Canada (Marice Tobias)
2011: Commercial + Narration VO Workshop / Portland, Oregon (Marice Tobias)
2011: Commercial VO / One-On-One Coaching (Kim Hurdon)
2010: Promo + Business / One-On-One Coaching / JG Consulting (Johnna Gottlieb, NYC)
2009: Promo + Business / One-On-One Coaching / JG Consulting (Johnna Gottlieb, NYC)


2019-present: LA-Z-Boy Furniture (Signature Voice)
2018-present: Bowflex "MAX" Virtual Trainer
2018: Amazon "Alexa" (National Radio)
2018-2019: MemorialCare (Regional TV + Radio Branding Voice)
2015-2019: MSU "Spartans Will" Campaign Voice (National TV, Radio, Web) ***
2015: San Francisco 49ers "Normal Doesn't Play Here" (National TV, Radio, Web)
2013: BMW Motorrad "Rowboat" (National TV)
2012: NASA "Armstrong Flight Research Centre" (Narrator)
2010: Westjet Airlines (National TV)

*** 2016: Nominated by SOVAS for Outstanding National TV Campaign Best Voiceover Award.


Glenn is a lifelong musician and performer and brings the musical sensibilities of timing, rhythm, melody, and phrasing to his work as a voice actor. He is a trained recording engineer, voice editor, sound designer, and dialog director with a deep technical and artistic skill set from which to draw.

Glenn lives in Calgary, Canada, and enjoys spending free time with his family kayaking in the outdoors and in his workshop modifying and building guitars.