Gene Tognacci

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"Telling your story with ease"

With 25 year experience in narration, I have a breadth of experience in subject matter and audiences. Whether it's talking to doctors about new pharmaceuticals or techniques, explaining safety procedures to oil riggers, or advanced math and science to students, I enable your audience to absorb the material with ease.

My innate curiosity as a lifelong learner drives my desire to tell the client's story and deliver their message in a relatable and understandable manner.


Palm Beach State College - Lake Worth, Florida: Speech, Oral Interpretation
Mercury Studios, Houston, Texas: Voice Over, Improvisation
Alley Theater, Houston, Texas: Script breakdown

Self guided training: Steve Hudson - VoiceMaster

Bob Magruder - Voiceover Workshop - Industrial Workshop
Julie Williams - Voiceover
Pat Fraley - Audiobooks
Jim Conlan- Voiceover

Private Coaching
Marice Tobias - Voiceover
Paul Ruben - Audiobooks


Commercial, Elearning and Industrial Clients include:
Aker Kavaerner Amazon Web Services, American Express, BP Oil, Cadillac, Conoco Oil, Chevron, Continental Airlines, Daimler Benz, DHL, EXXON, Ernst and Young, IntecSea, Manitowoc, Microsoft, NASA, Office Depot, Petrobras, Pfizer, PWC, Schlumberger, Shell, Sheraton, Transocean, Waterford Crystal

Documentary Narration:
Nuts! Feature Length Film Narration - reviewed in NY Times and U.K. Guardian
NASA: Destination Station
Holocaust Museum: Norman Lear Profile
Texas Public Broadcasting Series: The Golden Age of Texas Courthouses

33 Anime sessions

11 audiobooks

Toy voice:
EXXON Truck Voice : "Rely on the Tiger"


no special skills