Gavin Armstrong

Gavin Armstrong

Member for 5 years •
"UK British neutral accent, trustworthy, confident, warm"

I bring experience, creative talent, a conscientious attitude, attention to detail, plus expertise in the technical aspects of recording.
As a native UK based voiceover artist my accent is British, often described as friendly, approachable, reassuring: great for explainer videos, e-learning courses, business presentations, sales pitches, radio/TV commercials, narrations etc.
For 20+ years I've been working from my own recording studio, where I'm also a composer/musician writing music for media and TV for publishers including EMI and Universal, my music is heard on major broadcasters worldwide.


Working for local clients (radio commercials) from my own studio online, studying online tutorials, and it's grown from there!


Recently worked on voiceover projects for the European Union, Siemens, Unicef, Jaguar Cars, HSBC Bank, Skoda, Volvo, Heineken, Domino's Pizza


Very experienced sound editor / mixer. I can also advise on copywriting, offer suggestions to improve the "native" quality of an English script, or correct scripts for grammatical errors. I'm also an experienced composer writing music for media - from radio jingles to TV music, with TV/Promo credits including NBC Today, Big Bang Theory, NFL Football, 60 Minutes, Jackass, Masterchef, Big Brother, Peppa Pig, Britain's Got Talent, also working for corporate clients including Disney, Coca Cola, Network Rail (Saatchi & Saatchi), Universal Studios, IBM, British telecom, Prime Minister's Office UK, Unilever, Intel, KFC