Erik Kraft

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I am a published children's author, and after having done years of school visits, I've been tested by the fires of children. I've been telling stories my whole life, and much of voice over is storytelling. I know how to find the heart of the story in whatever I may be reading, and my acting training gives me extra insight into how to go far beyond just reading.


I have been studying voice acting with Wren Ross since 2012. I have also taken acting classes at Harvard University (and I intend to enroll in their Dramatic Arts master's program). I am a member of Acme Improv Company, based out of the Acme Theater in Maynard, MA, which helps keep me on my toes.


After years of wanting to do it and not moving forward, I would say taking that first step and getting training was actually my biggest achievement. My podcast getting the attention of the staff at WGBH radio has also been a big step in terms of visibility.


I have been in bands and can get around a guitar or keyboard if needed, but also sing (my singing voice being as idiosyncratic as my speaking one). I have a home studio, so I can record there as needed.