Eric Loes

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"A voice that's easy to listen to Professional, warm, believable"

I enjoy doing commercials in a variety of genres. I also have a teaching bent to I enjoy doing e-learning and explaners and short narration projects. I have been told that I have a warm, lovely, clear-spoken voice that is very pleasant to listen to and has a professional tonality. That I am articulate and well-enunciated without being stiff. That I know how to move through copy and make a script flow, as well as where to place emphasis. I have unique textures that will make your read pop. My warm authentic tone comes across as trusting and believable. I am able to seamlessly shift between read styles helping my clients get where they want to be. I can handle the job, whatever it may be.


My training started back in high school when I first began working behind a mic. I worked my way through college working at a local radio station. Over the years I have had many coaches including but not limited to J. Michael Collins who have helped shape me into the voice artist I am today.


Most of my work has been for small to medium sized corporations. I have done work for major companies like Farmers Insurance and programs that air on The Outdoor Channel.


In addition to my voice over skills I do have copy writing skills. Especially sales related copy.