Emily Philio

Emily Philio

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"Youthful, High-Energy, Friendly & Versatile"

My bright, energetic, and youthful voice is perfect for a variety of projects! I am adept at creating believable characters for animation and video games, or utilizing my inherently youthful, perky voice for commercial ads. I play children, teens, millennials, and young moms with ease!


Private coaching with Glen Holtzer - 2 years
Shut Up and Talk! class with Ed Lewis of Hyperbolic Audio
Shakespeare training- Seth Barrish, Dennis Krausnick, Tyler Moss, Rhys McClelland, Miriam Silverman
Acting- Ken Schatz, Ron Piretti, Ray Virta


Cost Cutters, Planned Parenthood, Lilith Games, Apologia, Western University, EyeOn Creative, and MSC Cruises.


Singing (soprano with belt)
Shakespeare Verse & Text Coach
Some Spanish, French, and Italian
Dialects: American - New York, Southern, Midwestern, Northern Plains; Irish; English; Russian; Italian; Spanish; French; Australian