Emily Lepore

Member for 5 years •
"Award-Winning, Over 20 years VO Experience and a BFA in Theater"

With a BFA in acting, I have over 20 years of VO and acting experience. I primarily focus on VO work these days but have done on-camera work, stage and performed on an improv team at The PIT in NYC for over a year. I continue to attend VO conferences, take private coaching lessons, online classes.


WVU - BFA Theater (Voice: Daria Martel and Kate Udall, Text Analysis: Frank Gagliano)
Shut Up and Talk - Roger Becker
Character & Animation Training - Paul Liberty
VO Workshops - Carrie Faverty (Sound Lounge); Lisa Fischoff (Broadcasters);
Angela Mickey (Liz Lewis); Peter Dickerson (Gravy For The Brain); Andy Roth (NYC Casting Director)
Private VO Coaching Sessions - Carol Monda; Ed Harris
Workout Session - Time Friedlander (SoundBOXLA)
Improv PIT, UCB & the Magnet: Ali Farahnakian, Armando Diaz, Ed Herbstman, Ashley Ward,
Nate Starkey, Scott Eckert (additional coaches upon request)


Westwood One Super Bowl Sound Award 2016 - Listener’s Favorite Super Bowl Commercial - “Service King”
The Aster Awards 2017 - GOLD - Resurgens “Path to Healthy Spine”


“Emily is an amazing talent. In a nutshell, she gets it.
She understands the creative process and helps enable an inspiring creative environment. She has a great mind, a sharp eye and a superb voice. Best of all, she is a joy to be around!”
— Luke Bailey-Wong

“I used Emily on a project that looked great on paper but the execution of the voiceover had to be pitch perfect otherwise it could easily go into schlockville. Fortunately, she not only delivered comedy, she delivered gold. Gold, Jerry, gold.”
— Craig Geller

“Emily is a very artistic and talented individual. She is a genuine person with very giving nature. I was pleasantly surprised at her creative skills and her amazing voice.”
— Joan Zulawski